Top 7 healthy foods during rainy season :

Hey hii ,what’s up guys? I hope everything is going to well…In this pandemic situation, the whole country was put under a lockdown or unlock 2.0 has started too. By staying indoors and practicing self-isolation, we can possibly break the chain of infection much sooner & restore normalcy.

So guys, I suggest you that utilize this time.You could start with small gradual steps.Infection & illness are common during the rains.A healthy diet to boost immunity is a surefire way of protecting your health!

So friends, let’s jump into the mysterious health express this season with a list of foods that are good for your body. Let’s know it in detail….


  • Ginger is known to reduce pain and fix the common cold and cough.
  • Add the condiment to your mansoon diet for maximum benefit.
  • You can simply add just small piece of ginger in your daily tea not because of it’s fragrant but it also boost our immunity and refresh us.


  • What’s not to love about this fresh fruit? Rich in antioxidant and digestion-aiding properties .
  • Make it a habbit to munch on an Apple a day.
  • It also reduces cholesterol levels,the risk of diabetes and obesity!


  • Bursting with essential vitamins,minerals and folic acids, beets are an excellent addiction to your health.
  • To detox and boost stamina,have a glass of beetroot juice every day may be very useful.
  • It is also used to boost your immune system.


  • This earthy condiment is an age old fix to cure cough and fever.
  • It boost immunity and doubles as an antiseptic and antibiotic.
  • Have a cup of turmeric milk to beat any infection that pop up on rainy days. You can also add honey to your milk to enhance the effect.


  • One regular size of pear provides 12% of daily vitamin C, 10% of vitamin K, 6% of potassium and smaller amount of calcium, iron and magnesium.
  • Pear has the ability to fights against free radicals that can damage our body cells.
  • It is also good immunity booster and contain high amount of anti-oxidants also.


  • The crunchy brown skinned nuts,are good source of proteins.
  • This tastey nuts enhance our digestive system plus offer A powerful shield from various diseases.
  • Soak 3-4 almonds in water for whole night and eat it at the morning time which helps to sharpen your brain activity.

7.Black pepper:

  • Pepper is incredible not just because of it contain special compound peperine but also because of it’s ability to boost the absorption of other nutrients.
  • During rainy season you can just add a zing of black pepper to your omelet or soup or even to your khichdi for monsoon!
  • A Natural antidote for fever, cough, cold and many infectious disease.

Our body is more susceptible to health issues in rainy season, because mansoon reduces the immunity power of our body. So, guys this are the best foods which are very useful during the rainy season. This foods adds benefit in your health. So simply just adding this food to your diet plan you can obtain good health.

Thank You…!

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