Why Plant-based diet?

Nothing will benefit health & increase the chance of survival of life on earth as the evaluation to a vegetarian diet.”

–Albert Einstein

Hello guys, I got something fantastic for you. Are you non-vegeterian? Then you have to go through this. First of all tell me guys are you fan of Genelia Deshmukh, Reitish Deshmukh and Shilpa shetty-kundra? Do you know friends, Genelia Deshmukh and Reitish Deshmukh launched their company named as “Imagine meats” where they are promoting plant-based food products. Shilpa Shetty announced that she had turned vegetarian. Shilpa said that, ” The shift happened gradually & now I have accepted vegeterianism completely.”


  • Animals are born to live, like us humans.They express both physical and psychological pain. Therefore they feel pain when they are imprisoned in cages where they cannot even turn around, when they here their fellows screaming while they are going to die and also when they are killed.
  • The cow suffers with milk extraction machinaery attached to breasts for all her short life. I thik guys you will understand better what I mean.


  • Vegans have much lower blood cholesterol levels than carnivores and cardivascular disease is uncommon in vegans. An impressive number of studies starting in the 1920’s show that vegetarians have low blood pressure than non-vegetarians. The most recent diabetes studies show that a diet that is high in complex carbohydrates( found only in plant foods) and low in fat is the best dietary prescription for controlling diabetes.
  • A diet based on vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fruits, naturally reduced in fat and simple sugars, is able to significantly lower blood sugar levels and often reduce or even eliminate the use of antidiebetic drugs.
  • Plant-based diet can prevent certain types of cancer. Studies on vegetarian population show that cancer mortality rates are about half to three quarters of those of the general population. Breast cancer has a dramatically reduced incidence in those countries where diets are typically based on plant foods. Vegetarians also have a lower incidence of colon cancer than carnivores. Meat consumption is more closely associated with colon cancer than any other dietary risk factor (from SSNV)

3.Environment :

  • The consumption of water of a diet that includes meat or dairy product is much greater than a vegan diet. For example ,think that to produce a kilo of beef it can take upto 1,00,000 liters of water. While for a kilo of wheat it requires only 900 and for soyabean 2000 liters of water.

Here are some reasons why you should select vegetarian food.

1.want you feel lighter and have more energy ?
The health benefits to you are enormous! Many people whom have become vegeterian, plant-based or vegan have regularly stated they have more energy and feel lighter. You will find that you don’t need to sleep as much and you are not sluggish after lunch or dinner.Would you like to have fewer bad dreams and nightmares?
People who have avoided consuming animal meat and dairy report they now have fewer bad dreams or none at all anymore. Find out the difference yourself.

2.Did you know that a lot of animals you are consuming had disease? Do you still want to eat them?
Animals bred for slaughter get sick and are often given antibiotics. They are extremely stressed , over milked, forced to stand all day without moving and they are abused. Guys just imagine what it’s going to do to your body?
3What about your health?
Did you know that research has linked cancer with people who consume meat ? The world health agency and international agency for research on cancer classified processed meat as a carcinogen sometimes that probably caused cancer. Processed meat include hot dogs, hamburgers, bacon,ham, beef and pork.

4.Do you want to feel like a good person, someone whom is not participating in the harming of animals? This is how you do it .
You will know every day that no animal died for you , and no animal was abused for your appetite. Isn’t that a good feeling? Try it out.

So friends if you want to live longer, you should choose beans over beet for your protein a new analysis suggests. If you have been doing something for a long time it will naturally take some time to adjust.So think on it guys. If you want to turn yourself completely vegetarians. Then this is the right time to do right things.

Thank You…!

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