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Hii guys, today we are going to discuss about our mental health. Friends health dose not mean only the absence of physical fitness infact health means complete physical, mental and social well-being.

In this pandemic situation we all are aware of the term that is social distancing. Friends ,what do you understand from this term?.. Social distancing means just physically apart from each other but not apart from our social network. Viruses can spread when we are too physically near an infected individual, from droplets but they do not spread through social networks. In fact our social networks are so powerful to our mental health so friends this is not the time to socially distance, it’s time to socially reconnect and restrengthen.

Here we are going to discuss what is mental health? What mental illness and its type? And how one can overcome his/her mental problems. So guys, let’s start a journey from illnesses to wellness…….

What is mental health?

Mental health is not different from physical health. If we take proper meal,vitamins exercise and sleeping well then we don’t have to worry about our physical health. Then you will ultimately see its also part of good mental health.
So let’s just jump in mystery.

what is mental illness?

Mental illness is any diseases or condition that influence the way a person thinks,feel,behaves and/or relates to other and to his or her surroundings.

Some of the causes of mental illness are
Many mental illness run in a families .Genes contain instruction for the function of each cell in the body and are responsible for how we look ,act, think etc.
2.Environmental stressors:
Certain stressors such as death or divorce, a dysfunctional family life ,changing jobs or schools be at risk for mental illness

Types of mental illness :

Mental illnesses are of different types. Some of the major types are depression, anxiety, schizophrenia,bipolar mood disorder ,personality disorder,trauma and eating disorders.
People with depressive disorder may not be able to get out of bed or care for themselves physically .
Commonly caused type from above is depression.

1.peopele who suffer from depression will find it very difficult to function or even carry out the simplest task can feel like they have a mountain to climb.
2.Depression is a very serious medical condition that relates to the brain.
3.There are many factors that could be the cause of person suffering from depression.

Do you need help? Here are some ways to overcome our mental problems :

1.Yoga and mental health : An unexplored relationship.

  • The yoga and yogic are effective and relevant today not only to treat mental and physical health but also to maintain and promote healthy ,happy and successful life.
  • People suffering with mental health problem such as depression, anxiety and stress go for yoga practice.
  • According to the world health organization (WHO,2014) mental health is not just the absence of mental illness.
  • There are many benefits of yoga. It can be classified as physical benefit ,mental benefit and spiritual benefit.
  • The mental benefits of Yoga are to enhance concentration and mental clarity,to reduce stress and anxiety ,to encourage positive thoughts and self-acceptance and to promote flexibility.
  • It is claim that yoga and yogic practice have positive impact on human functioning and performance.

2.Mushroom :

  • Mushrooms have become attractive as well as balanced food and pharmaceutical stuff with some advantages.
  • It is supposed that aqueous extract of mushroom contain phenolic compounds and terpenoids which may have antioxidant properties.


  • Smiling makes you look more attractive and more approachable.
  • In uncomfortable situation where you do not know anyone most of the time a smile will be all that is needed to break ice.
  • A smile is the best way to convey the message that you are feeling positive and healthy.

4.Think positive thoughts :

  • Thinking positive thoughts is the surest way to become more positive person. If you are always thinking positive then you will be bringing positive vibes into conversation.

5.Hang out with positive people :

  • The best way to avoid negative yourself is to hang around the people who are more positive towards their life. Then you should also have the same positive attitude .

6.Be a good friend :

  • Being a positive influence in someone’s life is priceless .
  • Words are very important and you should strive to speak in a positive whenever it is possible.


  • We all have tough days, however if you take a few moments to meditate, the positive things in your life will begin to come.
  • Life is stressful and it is important to find some moments everyday to let go of the stress.
  • During yoga listening a relaxing music is great hobbit.

8.Love your family :

  • Your family is with you no matter what.
  • Taking some time to appreciate them and show your love to them is one of the most positive thing that you can do for them and yourself also.

So guys this is all about mental health. It is a scary time and we all feel anxious. Thats why I just shared some of the strategies that will help you to manage your mental health during covid-19.

Take your disappointments as a new challenge .
Keep your brain active by focusing on one thing at a time before you move on the next challenge.
A big part of life is not what happened with us but how we respond it.
Being positive is more important than just an idea!

Thank you….!

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