Immune System

The system that never sleeps that is immune system!

Hii guys, we all know that covid-19 or coronavirus was declared as a global pandemic by the world health organization(WHO). So, the best way to fight viruses such as novel coronavirus is to build up Immune System

One of the most important factor for the continued existence of any country is its defense capability. Am I right? But friends here we are just talking about our visible enemies. But what about our invisible enemies? In daily life we face invisible enemies also such as bacteria, viruses & similar microscopic organism. First of all we have to understand what is immune system? What are it’s type? And what function it does?How to increase immunity power? So let’s go…

what is immune system?

Everyday we are exposed to various foreign bodies including infectious agents like bacteria, viruses etc. After constant exposure to variety of pathogens,most of us remain healthy. How is this possible? This is due to the ability to resist all types foreign bodies.

The system which protect us from various infectious agents is called immune system. Following are the types of immune system :

The most peculiar characteristic of immune system is: It can differentiate between self(own body cells or molecules) & non-self (foreign molecules)

Flow chart

According to the above flowchart, here we first discuss about our innate immune system.

1. Innate immunity.

Innate immunity is also called natural immunity. It is present from birth. It is the inborn capacity of the body. To regist the pathogen we use it.It is also called non-specific immunity.It consist of following types of barriers:




4)Inflammatory barriers.

2. Acquired immunity.

Ability of the body to defend itself against invading foreign agents like bacteria, viruses, toxins and transplanted tissue is called specific resistance. This resistance or immunity that an individual aquires during life is called acquired immunity. It is found only in vertebrates.

Artificial immunity is again classified into two types: I) Active Immunity II) Passive Immunity

Natural acquired active immunity :

Immunity acquired due to infection is called natural acquired active immunity. It is developed after the entry of pathogens.

Artificial acquired active immunity:

This immunity is acquired artificially by vaccination. Vaccine contain dead or live but attenuated(artificially weekend) pathogens or toxoids consisting of microbial components or toxins secreted by the pathogens.

Natural acquired passive immunity:

Before birth maternal antibodies are transfered from mother through placenta. After birth antibodies are transferd from mother to infant through colostrum.

(IgA) the antibodies received by child from mother remain in the body for short time thus. Natural acquired passive immunity is short lived.

Natural acquired passive immunity:

This immunity is developed by injecting previously prepared antibodies using serum from humans or animals.For e.g. antibodies obtained from hyperimmunised horses are injected to Immune system.

This is the general information of immune system.But the point is that how one can increase his/her immune power. So guys,the best way to strengthen immunity is through diet by increasing consumption of immune boosting food.

5 ways to increase immunity at home:

1. Garlic benefits.

  • Garlic is one of the most commonly used ingredient in all Indian kitchens.
  • Garlic’s immune-boosting properties from a heavy concentration of sulphur containing compounds such as “allicin”
  • You can easily add this anti-viral food to your vegetables,soups & other dishes.

2. Use of ginger.

Ginger plays an important role in inflammatory action.

To boost your immune system take mashed ginger & star anise & make a concoction by adding little raw unpasteurised honey.

Ginger is used in many sweet desert,ginger pack some heat in the form of “gingerol”

3. Role of spinach leaves .

  • Spinach is packed with numerous antioxidants & beta carotene which may increase the ability of our immune system .
  • Spinach is healthiest when it is cooked as little as possible so then it’s returns it’s nutrient.

4. Yoghurt as immunity booster.

  • Yoghurt is another excellent a natural probiotic infection-fighting food that can help to boost our immune systems.
  • It is known to reduce the effects of severe respiratory tract diseases .
  • Yogurt is recommended to be added to one’s daily diet for good overall health.
  • Yoghurt is a great source of vitamin D.
  • As we all know that vitamin D helps regulate the immune system.
  • So simply you can add it in your meal.

5. To boost immune system add coconut oil.

  • Coconut oil is also very effective to boost one’s immune system.
  • You can simply cook your food in pure cold pressed coconut oil or even have it raw.
  • Lauric acid & caprylic acid present in it are essential for boosting the immune system.

So friends, with little change in your diet and routine you can make your immunity strong.

One of the most important factor which boost our immune system that is nothing but Fruits! Fruits are loaded with nutrients. Fruits are essential for our immune system.So, consuming them on daily basis boost the immunity.

Sleeping for 8 hours and eating a balanced diet are the simple ways that can be really be helpful if you have this then you will get what you want.

The immune system protect our bodies just like the soldiers of huge army.. It’s nothing but our invisible army.. Don’t you think guys is something mysterious?

Thank you……!

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