Here’s What No One Tells You About Friendship Day And Chocolate.

Hey hello, guys! Today’s day is so special for me and I know for you also. This is because every year on the first Sunday of August month friendship day is celebrated in India & other parts of the world. The day is celebrated by sending friendship day greetings cards & gifts to friends to each other to express their love.

And today how we can forget one of the major factor which opens all secrets of our. I know you all already have an idea about what I am talking. Yes it’s my personal favorite none other than “Chocolate.” I know guys one chocolate says all what you want to say. The best gifts that friends can give each other to celebrate the unique bond between friends is nothing but chocolate.

So friends, are you ready to fall in the mystery of chocolate? Then let’s go…..

There are variety of chocolate are available all over the world. Milk ,white, dark, with or without nuts –there are so many types that ,everyone can find something for themselves. And if you are on diet? Nothing lost ,as coco nibs are excellent alternative for regular chocolate. Did you know guys? Many cafe’s from all over the world are actually investing in wholesale cocoa nibs so that even their fit client can enjoy a chocolate treat.

There are three kinds of chocolate. It is differentiated based on what goes into making it. Contains the following :
1.Dark chocolate :

Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar,sometimes vanilla and lecithin (milk solids absent)
2.Milk chocolate :

Milk solids, cocoa butter ,cocoa mass, sometimes vanilla and lecithin .
3.White chocolate :

Milk solids, cocoa butter, sugar, sometimes vanilla and lecithin.(cocoa mass is absent)


It is very nutritious:
If you buy quality bitter chocolate with a high cocoa content, the nutrional level is high. It contains a considerable amount of soluble fiber and is full of minerals.
70 or 80% cocoa content include with 100 grams of bitter chocolate content :

  1. 11 grams of fiber
  2. 67% of the recommended daily amount (CDR) of iron.
    3.58% of the magnesium CDR
    4.89% of the copper CDR
    5.98% of the manganese CDR
  3. It also contains a lot of potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium.
    That’s why it is better to consume dark chocolate moderately.
    In short quality bitter chocolate is rich in fiber, iron, magnesium, copper manganese and other minerals.
  1. It’s powerful source of antioxidant :
    The obsorption capacity of oxygen radicals is a measure of the antioxidant activity of the food.
    Bitter chocolate plays an important role as biologically active and function as antioxidants. This includes polyphenols, flavonoids and catechins among others.
  2. Improves brain function:
    A study on healthy volunteers show that five days of consumption of high flavonoid cocoa improved blood flow to the brain.
    Cocoa could also significantly improve cognitive function in older people who suffer decline in their mental abilities.
    It also improves verbal fluency and various disease risk factors .
  3. Improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure :
    The flavonoid in bitter chocolate can stimulate the endothelium,the covering of the arteries ,to produce nitric oxide .
    There are many studies show that cocoa and bitter chocolate can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure ,but the effects are usually mild.
    The bioactive component in cocoa can improve blood flow in arteries and cause a small but satistically significant decrease in blood pressureally.

The cocoa percentage is one of those things that people know exist, but don’t really pay attention to . After all chocolate is just chocolate isn’t it? Well, no. Cocoa percentage is vital for a few reasons :
It shows how bitter the chocolate is:
Even though the majority of commercial products use quite a lot of sugar to make chocolate sweeter, cocoa itself is quite bitter. Generally speaking ,the higher cocoa percentage ,is the more bitter chocolate is.
It determines the flavor :
The higher the cocoa percentage is, the more intense flavor the chocolate has.

While eating a chocolate is a great baking things with it is even better -especially if you convince your partner, friends or kids to join you and make it fun bonding experience. So guys, chocolate is small thing(but important) thing which makes you smile in every situation. I think guys chocolate is the simple and best solution on every problem.

Thank You….!

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