Food preservation methods :

Hii guys, toady we are going to discuss about one of the most crucial topic which is nothing but common methods of food preservation. So guys tell me what do you understand from the word preservation? Preserving anything is always precious then it may be nature, relationship, habbits etc. But guys today here we are going to discuss about methods of food preservation. So let’s start…..

What is food preservation?

Food preservation is the process of treating food to stop or slow down spoilage, loss of quality, edibility or nutrional value.

With the progress in food design and processing technologies,the research in preservation and safety has also advanced. One of the main focus of food industry is to obtain high amounts of food with a particular quality.

There are so many methods for preserving food such as,

  • pickling
  • Salting
  • Smoking
  • Aseptic processing
  • Canning
  • Bottling
  • Pasteurization
  • Dehydration
  • Refrigeration
  • Sterilization

But, here we discuss only 5 common method of food preservation.which are most popular and used everywhere. They are as follows :

1. Salting method for food preservation.

  • salting is very common method used in food preservation.
  • Due to the hypertonic nature of salt, bacteria,fungi and other potentially pathogenic organism can’t be survive in a highly salted environment.
  • The process in which preservation of food takes place with dry edible salt is called “salting”.
  • Salting food is cheap & effective preservation technique.

2. Dry food to increase its value.

  • Drying or dehydrating food is one of the significant method of food preservation because it removes moisture from the food that’s why bacteria,yeast or mold can’t grow on the surface of the food.
  • It is one of the oldest method of food preservation.
  • In this method water is traditionally removed through evaporation (air drying, sun drying, smoking or wind drying)
  • Dried fruits consumed historically due to their high sugar content and sweet taste and a longer shelf-life from drying.

3. Freezing is necessary for food preservation.

  • For the long term preservation of many foods, freezing has been successfully employed.
  • In freezing process as water in the food freezes into ice crystals,it becomes unavailable to those microorganisms that need it for growth.
  • According to the national frozen and refrigerated foods association, freezing foods can add as much as 600% to the lifespan of many refrigerated food.

4. Store food in cans.

Food items like vegetables, fruits etc. undergo the process of canning they can maintain their condition and still be edible.
Advantages of canning :
1.Nutrional value preserved :
When you can and preserve your own food ,you are not maintaining their and their state and locking in their freshness but you are also actually preserving their nutrional value. and control :

When you can and preserve your own food at home, you know what you are putting in it or the ingredients that you are using as a preservatives and you know that you won’t be putting synthetic and chemical ingredient to your preserve foods just to preserve them well.
3.cost efficient :
Canning and preserving your own food at home could mean a hearty initial cost but it can still be considered cost efficient because you will not be paying for labour and expensive cost operation unlike when you buy canned and preserved foods from company.
To can your own food at home,some basic steps to be familiar with are packing the jar with the food and boiling water the right way which is by leaving a head space; the right way to add preservatives; as well as removing air bubbles or how to shut the jar airtight .

5. Pickling food increase shelf life of food.

Whether your main concern is improving your health or stretching your pocketbook there are several reasons why pickling at home can be good option for you.
1.Extend shelf life :
Pickling foods extend their shelf life. Naturally decomposition would begin in just days at room temperature,but through fermentation,many items can be stored for weeks.And when pickled foods are canned ,the shelf life typically extended to one year.
2.Increase flavor :
Pickling food increases their flavor and allows you to add hints of additional flavors for e.g. cucumbers can taste bland on their own but when infused with dill,garlic and other spices,their flavors comes alive and really shines.pickling a great way to try new foods that may never have seemed applying before.
3.Increase fruit and vegetable intake :
Fermented pickles are arguably a better option regarding advantages for your health, but even quick pickling provides health benefit .
If pickling enables you to eat more vegetables and fruits regularly, it can be a convenient way to increase your consumption and consequently increase the amount of valuable vitamins and minerals you are putting in your body.

so friends this are the 5 common methods of food preservation. Guys, preservation of food is necessary in order to keep them eatable. Sometimes due to excess heat or excess of water make the food smelly and unhealthy.In this pandemic situation food preservation is very necessary. So we can preserve food for future use by this simple methods also.

Time are changing and lot of people choose to change with them. Storing food is a great option to increase the amount of available food for less money. I think guys this is quite interesting and mysterious also. What do you think?

Thank You…..!

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