9 ways for sparkling teeth

Hey Hii friends! What’s going on? I hope everything will be fine. Today we are going to discuss about 9 ways for sparkling teeth. Guys you know what behind our smile teeth plays an important role. Did you ever imagine beauty queens, models, celebraties and TV personalities how they get such a perfect smile? Because the answer is, they gave their oral health and dental hygiene very seriously.

Many people across the world suffer from most common dental problems. The reason behind it just to nigligence or financial capacities. But, Not everyone can offord expensive treatments on their teeth. “Prevention is always better than cure.” So, let’s fall in the mystery of oral hygiene…

1.To get sparkling teeth Brush properly

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day (must at night)
  • Use brush with soft bristles.
  • After every 3-4 months change your brush.

2. Eat vegetables to show your sparkling teeth.

  • When it comes to vegetables we have a lot of options.
  • If you really want sparkling teeth then include carrot, beet & leafy vegetables in your diet as much as possible.
  • Vegetables and dairy products are very beneficial for your dental care.

3. Drink more water Is necessary to maintain sparkling teeth.

  • Proper intake of water keeps your mouth hydrated and is very essential.
  • Water helps to maintain the right saliva as a result you get moisture in your mouth.

4. Take proper care of your tongue

  • Tongue cleaning is also an essential part of brushing.
  • Be alert while cleaning your tongue Otherwise it may cut your taste buds.

5. For sparkling teeth meet your dentist at least twice a year.

  • For sparkling teeth consult your doctor periodically for better dental care.
  • Dental checkup at regular intervals is more important.

6.Quantity of toothpaste

  • Take pea-sized amount toothpaste for brushing is enough.
  • There is no need to take huge amount as shown in some advertisement.
  • Always keep in mind tooth paste is just a cleaning medium.

7.Follow appropriate brush techniques.

  • 1-2 minutes proper brushing is enough.
  • If you are brushing more than it means you are removing your tooth enamel slowely.
  • Brush your teeth in circular motion.
  • Reapeat on the inside surface of your mouth.

8.Avoid staining your teeth with food /drink for sparkling teeth.

  • As drinks are so highly acidic that they can actually dissolve the upper layer of the tooth. So,
  • Use straws to drink acidic juices and carbonated drinks to get sparkling teeth.
  • This reduce the direct contact of teeth with acid.

9.Go for right products

  • For your oral care use the right products for cleaning your teeth and oral cavity.
  • You should select the right toothpaste especially those which are approved by professional and recommended by expert dentists.

Dental care during pregnancy.

1.Dental hygiene during pregnancy is very important.
2.During pregnancy dental infections put yours and your baby’s health at risk.

3.It is also advisable to avoid any sort of dental procedure such as tooth extraction, tooth implant or root canal during the first trimester (first 12 week) and second half of third trimester .

So guys, this are the some basic ways for sparkling teeth. I know obody can avoid chocolates and sweets. So after eating try to rinse. Avoid consumption of chocolates.

I hope this will be helpful for all. Smile keeps your body and mind healthy so care your teeth.

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